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2020 - Present. Installation of AC or Solar small cell sites to provide LTE coverage to remote first nation communities. Includes SAED, civils works, sure-foot foundations, mono pole and BTS equipment for Omni delivered 700Mhz LTE services.

WA Police

Location: Multiple locations across WA

Project: Greenfield and Radio upgrade
Solution: Digital

Commissioned: 2014 - 2021

  • Consultation with key stakeholders and traditional owners to allow land access as well as full SAED surveys.

  • Mobilisation of civils excavation equipment to remote communities as far as Derby and as remote as Tjukurla on the boarder of NT in the Gibson Desert.

  • Clearing of leased land to accommodate the small cell site.

  • Installation of skid frame to support the outdoor unit, 20m mono pole and satellite dish.

  • Installation and commissioning of satellite equipment to provide the site with transmission and connection to the network.

  • Specialised installation of 20m mono pole, 700Mhz omni antenna, feeder and radio equipment.

  • Integration of equipment and call testing to ensure cell stability.

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