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Experienced Scraper Technician

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Job Types: Full Time, Temp-Perm

Salary: $70per hour


Xcell is looking for experienced scraper techs to join a leading OEM in scraper technology with rapid growth and long-term Opportunities. As a scraper technician, you will be working for one of the leading providers of conveyor system solutions, specializing in efficient material handling across various industries. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and top-notch services.


  • Regularly inspecting conveyor belt systems for wear and tear.

  • Identifying and replacing damaged or worn-out components, including scrapers, belts, and rollers.

  • Lubricating moving parts to prevent friction and reduce wear.

  • Installing and adjusting conveyor belt scrapers to ensure effective cleaning of the belt.

  • Aligning scrapers properly to maximize cleaning efficiency and minimize material spillage.

  • Diagnosing and resolving issues with conveyor belt scrapers, such as misalignment or insufficient pressure.

  • Identifying the root causes of material spillage and implementing corrective measures.

  • Adjusting scraper blades for optimal contact with the conveyor belt.

  • Calibrating scraper systems to maintain the right level of pressure and minimize wear.

  • Maintaining detailed records of maintenance activities, repairs, and replacements.

  • Documenting any issues or concerns observed during inspections.


  • A current Australian driver’s licence.

  • Confined space, working at heights.

  • High-risk licence (Forklift, EWP, Dogging, Rigging)

  • Trade Certificate in a mechanical trade.

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