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City of Bayswater Mural - Completion

Company: Aztec Sings & Murals
Date : 4th April 2023


Aztec Media Pty Ltd are excited to announce the completion of our first mural for 2023.

Commissioned by the City of Bayswater and located at 107 Beaufort Street, the mural was designed and painted by our inhouse artist, Colin Geary. The Mural is part of the City of Bayswater’s revitalisation of Bedford’s shopping precincts.

Inspired by the experience of exercising in the area, the 18-meter mural features a Callistemon plant, Australian Ringneck Parrot, as well as the iconic Bayswater foreshore. Colin’s use of acrylic paints is intended for everyone in the area to immerse themselves in the wonders of the City.

Aztec Media would like to thank the City of Bayswater for the opportunity to add this mural to the collection of Public Art on display through out the shire.

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Pictured: Deputy Mayor Catherine Ehrhardt with artist Colin Geary.

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